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Powertech Pollution Controls Filtration

Trapping pollution at the source & providing clean air in industrial workplaces

Powertech Pollution Controls is a leading manufacturer and supplier of specialist fume, dust, smoke, and mist extraction systems for industrial applications. Thanks to our expertise in complete air filtering solutions, including the welding fume extractor and oil mist collector, our products have been capable of safeguarding people and equipment from the negative effects of industrial processes. In this way, we contribute to the creation of safe workplaces that have effective productivity and substantial environmental advantages.

Our range of products

The leading pollution control brand in the market since 1996, with more than 25 years of technical expertise in turnkey installations for extraction of smoke, fumes, mist and fine dust from welding, soldering, die-casting, rubber curing, and many other applications.

  • Automobile Industry
  • Electronics Industry
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Light Engineering Industry
  • Heavy Enginnering Industry

Select from our range of products, or for more advice on these or other products, please contact us through call or email, or reach out to our dealers located throughout India’s various cities, including Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad, New Delhi, and Coimbatore.

Welding Fume Extractor

A fume extraction system that eliminates fumes from welding and soldering processes, providing the safest working environment for the staff

Dustkiller - Powertech Pollution Controls

Achieving a high level of dust control in an enclosed area, preferably, but not necessarily fitted with window or split air conditioners

Oil Mist Collector

A mist collection system that collects mist generated from processes that use water-based coolants or water-based liquids

Dustbag, Dust Collectors

A dust collector, fitted with non-woven polyester fabric, that can capture huge amounts of dust from any source of generation, even particles that are as small as 10 microns.

Extractor Arm 3D
Extractor Arm

A device, used in association with the Fumekiller or Dustbag units, allowing positioning of a suction hood to capture fumes or dust close to the generation spot

Dustkiller - Powertech Pollution Controls
Dustkiller® - Bio

A dust and bio-particle controller, featuring germicidal UV light, electrostatic filtration technology, and filter medium loaded with nanosized silver and titanium dioxide particles